Deodorizing & Pet Stain Removal in Westlake Village

Keep your carpets looking great, even with pets!

There is no doubt that we all love our pets. They are often an important part of our families, but with a pet comes the occasional (sometimes frequent) mess and odor problem.

Even when pets are trained, pet hair and dander can be embedded in carpet and upholstery, causing odors and possibly irritating family members’ allergies or asthma. It is estimated that over 70 million homes have at least one pet, which means that over 70 million homes also have to deal with pet stains and odors.

Just because your pets have an occasional accident doesn’t mean that your carpet is ruined or has to be replaced. However, simply cleaning the surface of the carpet or furniture does not mean the problem is erased. Our trained professionals know exactly how to permanently remove pet stains and odors.

Pet urine soaks through the layers of your carpet very quickly. To remove odors, stains, and bacteria from pet accidents, our team of cleaning experts will need to clean each layer of carpet.

Instead of simply masking odors or stains, we get to the root of and eliminate the problem. Our best carpet cleaning techniques, such as UV lighting, ensure that you and your pets continue to live in a fresh, healthy environment.

Deep Cleaning for Deodorizing & Sanitizing

Vacuuming is not enough to get rid of odors or pests from your carpet. Mold, mildew, dust, bacteria, and fungi can become stuck deep within the fibers of your carpet.

These pesky problems will build up the longer you put off a professional cleaning. Our Westlake Village carpet cleaners can provide you with efficient deodorizing and sanitizing services so that you can have a fresh-smelling and healthy home or office.

Our team uses specially designed enzyme-containing deodorizing cleaners. The enzymes in these cleaners will eat away the bacteria and proteins in your carpet that cause pet odor.

With one visit from our company, you get more effective odor reduction than years of vacuuming and applying store-bought cleaners.

Our experts know exactly what cleaning processes and products are best for each stain on every type of carpet or upholstery. But more importantly, we use safe, environmentally friendly chemicals that won’t harm your furnishings, pets, or family.

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